About us....

We are a 100% vegan owned & run street food company based in South Wales. We cook freshly made hand stretched, stone-baked pizza!

We travel all over the UK serving mouthwatering delicious pizza, while spreading the vegan word through outreach!

We are available for private functions, events, weddings, kitchen takeovers etc!!!

All profit from merchandise sales goes towards various animal charities!
Mail: mymail@mailservice.com
Phone: 555-555-5555

Why go vegan...

There are many reasons why people should go vegan. The main areas are as follows....

For the animals - to help prevent the exploitation of animals in the meat & diary industries. By avoiding animal products you are making a stand against the cruelty & save a few animals along the way!!! Surely animals have a right to live too?!!

For your health - More and more people are turning to the vegan diet for the health benefits. A well planned vegan diet can increase energy, younger looking skin & also help to reduce risks of diabetes, cancer & obesity.

For the environment - The production of meat & other animal bi-products causes a huge burden on the environment we live in. Crops & water required to farm the animals, transportation of the livestock etc. Far more of a burden than that of a vegan diet.
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